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175ml    250ml

Trebbiano            £4.95 £6.15    £18.95

Gocce (Italy) Delicate golden yellow in colour with a fruity bouquet and scent of vanilla. The palate is full and smooth with a delicate finish.

Pinot Grigio           £4.95   £6.95 £19.95

Ai Galli (Italy) Pale straw yellow in colour, dry, smooth, harmonious and fresh with characteristic and a delicate fruity scent.

Gavi di Gavi                                  £26.95

Cà da Meo (Italy) Straw yellow colour. Bouquet is delicate and fruity, with banana and broom flavours. Palate is intense, delicate and long-lasting.

Sauvignon            £6.60    £7.95     £24.95 

Century Hill (New Zealand) Refreshingly crisp white wine that offers citrus and tropical fruit flavours with very aromatic notes of green chillies, grass, herbs, asparagus and gooseberries commonly contributing to the bouquet.


                              175ml   250ml   Bottle

Cerasuolo             £4.95 £4.95      £18.95

Gocce Santa Croce (Italy) Pleasant bouquet which is delicately “winey”, fruity, delicate and intense. It has a soft, dry, balanced and delicate taste with an almondy aftertaste.

Pinot Blush           £4.95   £6.95    £19.95

Ai Galli (Italy) A dry, fresh and fruity rosé with delicate aromas of red berries. Crisp and lively on the palate with good intensity of ripe berry and red cherry fruit.


                          125ml         Bottle      

Prosecco Bruit (Italy) £6.95         £24.95

aromatic bouquet with hints of flowers & banana, fruity & well-balanced, supported by a fine perlage, which is remarkably persistent in the glass

Prosecco Brut Rosé    £6.95         £24.95

brilliant cherry red colour. soft, creamy mousse with good length, a delicate cordon on the surface & a lingering cascade of thin bubbles. delicate avour of small red fruits


  • MOET ET CHANDON £55.00
  • why not treat yourself with the world’s most loved champagne?
    offers a bright freshness, a seductive palate and an elegant
    maturity revealing aromas of pear, citrus and brioche
  • here is a true member of Brut family. well structured, admirably
    vinous, perfect combination of richness and elegance with citrus
    fruits and real freshness


                       175ml   250ml    Bottle

Montepulciano        £4.95     £5.95    £18.95 

Gocce (Italy) Ruby red colour, typical vinous, pleasant bouquet, soft, tasty flavours.

Chianti                                               £22.95

Terra Scura (Italy) Ruby red with violet reflection. Soft and balanced with concentrated aromas of preserved fruits and jam.

Nero d’Avola                                     £22.95

Andrero (Andrero) Ruby red colour, quite intense with a winy fragrance and a full fragrant bouquet reminiscent of raspberries and blackberries. A pleasant dry taste with harmonious body.

Barbera                   £6.25 £7.95   £21.95 

Cavalieri di Moasca (Italy) Ruby red colour, quite intense with a winy fragrance and a full fragrant bouquet reminiscent of raspberries and blackberries. A pleasant dry taste with harmonious body.

Merlot                     £5.65  £6.95     £19.95

Medium bodied, brilliant colour with fruit flavours. Well balanced. Deep ruby red colour with a balanced supple finish with soft tannins and rich

MALBEC - ARGENTINA Bottle  £28.90

fruity, black cherries and blackberries are combined with sweet vanilla spice and nutty aromas to provide a complex nose. good body, structure and volume. round and ripe tannins provide a so and young character with a long length.

AMARONE CLASSICO         42.90 (BTL)

intense garnet red in colour, this wine is rich, full bodied & flrm. its perfume is clear & fresh, its taste is velvety & lingering. Well structured & beautifully balanced.

BEERS 330ml £4.25

Peroni / Stella / Corona / Cider

APEROL SPRITZ         £7.95

aperol aperitif, prosecco, soda


strawberry puree and prosecco